Applying the Crossmark icon is a commitment by Food, Agricuture, and Natural Resources - International Network (FANRES) to maintain the content published and alert readers to changes if and when they occur.

What is Crossmark?

Crossmark, a multi-publisher initiative from CrossRef, provides a standard way for readers to locate the authoritative version of a document. FANRES International Network recognizes the importance of the integrity and completeness of the scholarly record to researchers and librarians and attaches the highest importance to maintaining trust in the authority of its electronic archive. Clicking on the Crossmark icon will inform the reader of the current status of a document and may also provide additional publication record information about the document.

IJ-FANRES content

The IJ-FANRES content that will have the Crossmark icon is restricted to current and future journal content and limited to specific publication types (see below) and only on content hosted by FANRES International Network websites. Articles in Press will not have the Crossmark icon for the present.

Publication Types

 Article Type Short Description
 Addendum Publication item giving additional information regarding another publication item, mostly presenting additional results.
 Erratum Article in which errors are reported that were made in an earlier publication in the same journal. Can be Erratum (publishing error) but also Corrigendum (author error).
 Full Length Article Complete report on original research.
 Removal The text of the article is removed. The HTML pages and PDF pages of the article are completely removed and replaced by a single page with citation details and an explanation.
 Retraction The text of the article is retracted. The HTML pages are replaced by a single page with citation details and an explanation. The PDF pages remain with a watermark on every page to notify it is retracted.
 Review article Substantial overview of original research, usually with a comprehensive bibliography, generally also containing a table of contents.
 Short Review Short or mini-review.

DOI: 10.46676/ij-fanres-crossmark